r A d i o S h o W

The Mike and Mari Show debuted on KZZH Access Humboldt.  Saturday nights with the Mike and Mari show were filled with laughs and great music–like having a comedy club in your own living room, only without the two drink minimum.  The show was then picked up by stations KLLG and KFUG .  Season Two has just wrapped up, and you can catch all the episodes right here!


Episode 1: “Welcome Back Kotter” – 1/16/21 

Out with the old and in with the old – the election is over! The Mike and Mari version of Upstairs Downstairs: White House edition!  Commentary by Will Durst. House band, The Tiger Club.


Episode 2: “We’re Older Than We Ever Were” – 1/30/21  

Mike and Mari lampoon the new old President, the old old President and the new First Lady. Featuring commentary by Will Durst. Special guest Diane Amos, and house band, The Tiger Club.


Episode 3: “Cat Got Your Tongue?” – 2/13/21 

Introducing the Q-comic. The Catholic Church enters the computer age. Political commentary by Will Durst and music by house band, The Tiger Club.


Episode 4: “That Was The Year That Wasn’t” – 2/27/21

Mike and Mari revisit favorite moments from Season One. 


Episode 5: “And I’m Feeling Good” – 2/17/21

Celebrating the new Covid Vaccine! “Freud or Jung?” Political commentary by Will Durst.  House band, The Tiger Club.


Episode 6: “The New Normal” – 3/5/21

Kellyanne and George Conway debut their sitcom.  Meet the Angriest Person in America. House band, The Tiger Club.


Episode 7: “Still Here Mother” – 3/19/21

Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell open their very own law firm. Ghost pet detectives and “Continental Drift” with Andy Valvur. Musical guest Ashlee Vivo.


Episode 8: “To Xfinity and Beyond!” – 4/3/21 

What’s more painful- calling Comcast or natural dentistry? And speaking of pain, Sarah Palin is back. Musical guest Cactus Choir. 


Episode 9: “Christmas Comes Early” – 4/16/21 

Santa’s summer plans.  A convention of conspiracy theorists. Fun and games with TSA.  Andy Valvur with “Continental Drift.”  Musical guest, Cactus Choir. 


Episode 10: “Give the Devil His Doo” – 5/03/21

A cornucopia of madness with the Green and Gaetz comedy duo, Scooby Doo storms the Capital, Terry Gross and the Devil! Musical guest, Cactus Choir. 


Episode 1: “Secret Origins” – 8/14/20

Mike and Mari’s maiden show looks at dating in the computer age and political polling in 2020. Comedy Flashback interview with comedian Bill Hicks. Musical guest Generation Esmerelda.  Theme and music by house band, The Tiger Club.


Episode 2: “Two’s a Crowd” – 8/21/20 

A look at the lighter side of healthcare. Comedian Will Durst offers a sneak peak at the new PBS. House band The Tiger Club.


Episode 3: “Blinded by Science” – 8/28/20  

The “My Pillow” guy offers a shady miracle cure for COVID.  Baby making with CRISPER, featuring comedian Brian Leonard. Comedian Will Durst. Musical guest Cactus Choir. 


Episode 4: “Sorry Wrong Number” – 9/4/20 

AT&T’s dreaded customer service. America’s Going Out of Business Sale. Special political commentary from comedian Will Durst, and house band The Tiger Club.


Episode 5: “Fly the Friendly Skies” – 9/13/20 

Mike and Mari fly the not so friendly skies.  Stand-up Larry Bubbles Brown and musical guest The Sofa Lords.


Episode 6: “How Sausage Is Made” – 9/20/20 

A look at the gig economy with Brian Leonard. Comedian Johnny Steele offers a glimpse behind the curtain with “How Do They Do That?”  Musical guest Baxter Robertson.


Episode 7: “NRA/QVC Always Commercial Free” –  9/27/20 

Mike and Mari get abducted by Qanon and channel Sarah Palin, Kimberly Guifoyle, Kellyanne Conway, Ted Nugent and more. Special stand up feature by Greg Proops. House band, The Tiger Club.


Episode 8: “Good Evening Ladies and Ghouls” – 10/02/20  

The Halloween Episode! Featuring ghosts, goblins and something really scary – the interregnum!  Special Halloween themed songs by Baxter Robertson.


Episode 9: “All Politics – Pre-Mortem” – 10/09/20 

Attend an ANTIFA meeting. Meet the Necropolitical Institute. Comedian Johnny Steele examines the difference between the Red and Blue States. Musical guest Jimmy Goings. 


Episode 10: “Tormented” – 10/17/20 

Mike and Mari ask, “How big is too big to fail?” How to relax Republicans at parties. Political commentary by comedian Will Durst. Musical guest, Giraffe.